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What is Teams?

If you have no clue what Teams is, we have two ways we can explain for you. If you are an IT expert, we would tell you that it is included in the Microsoft Office 365 services and is used for document sharing, chatting, and video conferencing. But if you're not that much into IT  and you are looking for ways to improve collaboration with your colleagues, there's one more explanation.
Teams are basically just a tool, but an important tool. They are brilliant for supporting a change in the culture of cooperation, which find a current and important topic. And this is what this site and the services we are offering are all about.
After all, e-mails are boring. Guess we can't do without them completely, but honestly – do you consider them the most efficient way to collaboration? Try to imagine working without repetitive answers and all those bccs and ccccs…
With Teams, your collaboration will be as in a whole new world. You'll have less e-mails, document versions, and your team work will shift into higher gear. And that's what it is all about.
Have a look at our blog, or just ask us. We will be happy to share our experience.​
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