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Teams for the teams!

You are a team and you live in the 21st century. This should be reflected in the manner of your cooperation and the work as such.
Imagine having a project engaging a certain group of people. You create a space for them where they can communicate about everything related to the project, including real-time sharing of notes and files. A when someone new comes, you just add him or her to the team and they can study everything without complicated searching for previous communications and different versions of documents. That's cool, isn't it?
To sum it up, you get the following:
  • All is in one place and accessible also from your mobile - communication, notes, and documents
  • Separate workspaces per topics, teams, or projects
  • Chat and conversation threads per specific topic instead of e-mails
  • Secure storage for documents, saved directly with the projects
Teams will come in handy for project collaboration, proposal preparation, internal communication, 1:1 collaboration between colleagues, sharing and collaboration on documents or communication and collaboration across departments.
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